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What DJ wants to spend the whole night searching boxes of records or rows of Cd's in order to find that one requested song that you know you have, b...
Now if your into intricate mixing techniques then this might not work for you. Its not a fix all for every type of music. But if your like me and th...
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posted May 24th, 2012
For the most part we here at really talk about one kind of laptop stand. Of course there are many variations to this type of stand and many reasons for using it but by broad definition we can say that most people use one kind of laptop stand. What I am referring to are [...]
posted May 17th, 2012
I was reading this article the other day on laptop security while traveling and using the internet while in hotels. It got me thinking a lot about how much information we put into our laptops and smartphones and how that has the potential to be used against us. Just the thought of it scares me [...]
posted May 09th, 2012
Ah the MacBook Air. You really have to give Apple credit for this one. Of course I know what you’re thinking: I’m just another fanboy that will buy anything Apple makes. Well, I’ve been looking at one for quite a while now but just haven’t brought myself to buy one yet. Why? Because compared to [...]